Being with the Baaas is about belonging.

The Baaas are an extended family of multi racial sheep who live together in a cottage on a hillside. They may be cuddly and fleecy – but they walk and talk and sing and dance and bicker and bond  just like humans.

These shows are a riotous mix of colourful sit-com and soap for young viewers with a strong backbone of educational content in the themes. The stories are told from the children’s perspective.

The mixed heritage of the family is celebrated in the names of the children – Meeedea Gwen and Jaaason Wyn. Grandad is Costaaas – an opera singing Greek sheep –  who met his wife Baaalwen – a Black faced  ewe – whilst the two were members of the chorus in La Scaaala Milan.

Fundamentally, Baaas is about how we get on with each other. Echoing the support this family give each other through thick and thin, the entertainment offered in the series is supported by the educational themes in the programmes.