Y Diwrnod Mawr (My Big Day)

Y Diwrnod Mawr (My Big Day)

Little children love a story – and even better are real stories which are well told.

My Big Day tells the stories of 26 children as they prepare for a big day in their lives. That day could be a family event, an important date in the calendar connected to activities or hobbies or just a fun day which they’ve been looking forward to for ages.

In the series we share great and poignant moments – Cerian’s mum coming home after a four month tour in Afghanistan, the birth of Jac’s twin sisters. We join in Charlie’s joy as he passed his go-karting test and have great fun on the farm with Sion as he prepares to sell his lamb at the mart.

The series offers a great perspective on a very diverse group of children – from urban to rural areas and from all kinds of families. Importantly, they all have a good story and they articulate their feelings in words and gestures. The children tell their own stories and the programmes are created using a combination of straightforward documentary techniques and classic storytelling techniques for young children. Nia Ceidiog (Producer/Director) draws on her background in writing fiction for young children and her experience and skill as a documentary maker to achieve this.

Real children, great music and fun graphics add up to provide a great viewing experience for preschoolers!