Ceidiog TV

Another nomination!

Another day, another nomination…a fifth for Y Diwrnod Mawr. This time the programme’s been nominated for a Welsh Bafta. It’s great to be nominated amongst your peers at home! The competition is no less stiff though – this time we’re up against The Sarah Jane Adventures and a great programme about a little boy whos dad’s in prison. So once again – pleased with the nomination and chuffed to be in good company.

At the moment – I’m editing like it’s going out of fashion! Y Diwrnod Mawr/2 hits the screen on April 25 on S4C’s Cyw – so get ready to meet in the first few weeks Eben, Elan, Marek, Sara Mai and Dylan. More about the other 20 children again.

We’re also looking forward to introducing our brand new hero – Marcaroni – on Cyw on S4C on April 27th. Look out for some pictures here very soon – and some great music composed by the brilliant Caryl Parry Jones and Christian Phillips!

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