Action-packed fashion extravaganza delights Shrewsbury shoppers

A stylish extravaganza of fashion, music and dance brought glitz, glamour and crowds to Shrewsbury’s busy Darwin and Pride Hill Shopping Centres on Saturday.

The Centres played host to Fashion Frames with a team of four models, headed by stylist and presenter Lola Royle, staging a series of shows throughout the day.

On a busy Shrewsbury Saturday it brought crowds flocking to be entertained by the models parading the latest High Street fashions from the centres’ retailers.

Shrewsbury Pride Hill Shopping Centre

Tammy Smith, brand manager of Top Shop, in the Darwin Centre, was delighted to have been involved in the event and said: “I think it’s a great idea to mix music with fashion in the way that was done.

“The whole idea brings a real touch of vitality to shopping and is great for the customers to enjoy.

“We had a number of products from our latest ranges featured in the shows, such as lovely dresses and jeans.”

The series of 13 shows kicked off at 11am in the Pride Hill Shopping Centre and featuring New Look, Clarks, Top Shop, Next, Vision Express, Marks and Spencer, Roman and Funky Fashions.

The set moved on to the Darwin Centre after 1pm to take in fashions, jewellery and accessories from River Island, Soho, Ernest Jones, Warehouse, Blue Inc, Boots, Claire’s Accessories, River Island, Monsoon, Wallis and Laura Ashley.

Shrewsbury Pride Hill Shopping Centre

James Beattie, Manager of Next at Pride Hill, was also delighted with the day and said: “It went really well for us.”

“This the second time our store has been involved and it gave us the chance to showcase some of our new summer fashions.”

“The guys doing the modelling were wearing our short sleeved shirts and tee-shirts and the girls had on our sleeveless top and a blouse with a cardigan over the top.”

“Our store was right next to the performance area so the early show meant customers were coming right in here after watching and the place was really hopping.”

Trish Grace, Manager of Roman, reckoned it was well worth being involved because she sold one of the dresses the store had featured in the show just minutes after it was seen being modelled.

Trish said: “We had two dresses in the show – a floral print ruffle dress and a long gypsy-style one.”

“While the show was going on outside there was a lady in here trying on summer dresses. Right after the show finished her husband, who had been watching it, dashed straight in here and persuaded her to buy the long dress.”

“I took another one in green right off the mannequin and sold it to her. That’s not bad going, so I’m really glad we were involved.”

“I think the whole thing was a great idea.”

Chris Todd, of organisers Maynineteen, said:  “We had a great day and, most importantly, we know that there was definitely footfall driven into the stores as a result of the shows.

“I know that New Look, for instance, had a lot of people going in immediately after their clothes had been modelled in the show.

“The models and the rest of our team all had a lot of fun doing the event and we drew some pretty big audiences who were certainly enjoying the performances.”

Sharon Griffiths, of the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, was also delighted with the way the day went and she said: “It was a brilliant day and it attracted a lot of attention with the centres very busy with shoppers.

“The models were great and the routines were very well executed and it brought a real touch of glamour and style to the town.”

“It seemed to go very, very well and was a very well planned event. The reaction from the shops has been very positive and there seemed to be plenty of smiling faces here on Saturday.”


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