Caring Wrexham shop boss stays sober in memory of her beloved Nan

A caring clothes store manager is giving up booze for an entire month in memory of her beloved Nan.

Sarah Dixon, 29, manager of Bank clothes store, at Eagles Meadow shopping centre, Wrexham is taking part in the UK-wide campaign, Go Sober for October- also known as Ocsober, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Sarah, who has already surpassed her original target of £100, lost her grandmother, Agnes Roache, to cancer in 2006.

Sarah said: “It’s a cause that’s dear to my heart.

“Macmillan Cancer Support helped my family so much during a very tough time.

“My Nan got over cancer the first time. She had a few years clear, and then unfortunately it came back and spread throughout her body. She just gradually started to deteriorate, and then everything began shutting down.

“A lot of people have family or friends that have been affected by cancer.

“Since my Nan died I’ve done the Race for Life twice, and I often put money in collection plates in little tins and things.

One in three of people will get cancer at some point in their lives and Macmillan Cancer Support ensures people don’t have to go through it alone.

They stay with people every step of the way, from the nurses and therapists helping people through treatment to the campaigners improving cancer care.

The Go Sober campaign started in Australia as Dry July in 2008 as a challenge among friends, Brett Macdonald, Phil Grove and Kenny McGilvary.

Over 1,000 took on the challenge and raised $257,283.

Since then the non-profit organisation that has raised over $15 million and has now migrated to the other side of the world to create Go Sober in the UK.

Kayleigh Harrison, 21, who works with Sarah at Bank at Eagles Meadow, is also taking part to support a friend who recently got diagnosed with breast cancer.

She said: “She had an operation, they said it was fine, and now they’ve got to take the breast away.

“We’ve all got our fingers crossed that she pulls through, and I’m doing Ocsober for her, to show support and solidarity.

“Cancer does affect a lot of people, and the money does go to help people, it goes to research so it. It makes a really big difference. Every little penny counts, so let’s get sponsoring.

“People aren’t putting peer pressure on me to drink or anything like that because they know it’s in a good cause. They’ve been really supportive.”

Sarah added: “It’s also going to be positive in a lot of ways. We’re also going to save on our calories. We’re saving money. It’s nice to have a little detox, ready for Christmas.

“I think it’s great to give back and any little thing we can do we will. There’s a few of us taking part in Ocsober and we’re aiming to raise £1000 in total.

“When we finish there’s going to be a big blow out. We’ve got one organised for either the Friday or the Saturday, the 1st or 2nd of November.

“We’re going to have a well-deserved few drinks and a girly night. We’re guaranteed to be dancing the night away.

To donate to Sarah please visit and to donate to Kayleigh please visit For more information about Macmillan visit

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