Cartrefi Conwy million pound green scheme is just the job for Steve

An unemployed father has been given new hope after landing a job working on a £1.1 million environmental project on the housing estate where he lives.

Steve McLeod, 45, is delighted he’s been given the opportunity to help transform the Parc Peulwys estate in Llysfaen, above Old Colwyn.

The massive scheme has been commissioned by Steve’s landlord, housing association Cartrefi Conwy.

A dramatic new entrance to the estate will be created  along with landscape improvements, traffic management, a nature trail and play areas.

Steve was taken on after he enrolled on a horticulture course and put in hours of unpaid voluntary work.

He’s thrilled to have been given a full-time job with sub-contractors Brenig Construction after impressing Cartrefi Conwy managers and bosses of contractors G Purchase Construction Ltd with his dedication and willingness to learn.

He said: “I moved here to the Peulwys estate with my wife, Morwenna, and daughter Katlin, six, from Liverpool about four years ago. Morwenna is Welsh while I’m from Bootle.

“I’d been unemployed for quite a while and had applied for hundreds, or even thousands, of jobs. I sent so many CV’s out it was ridiculous.

“Then, I enrolled on the horticulture course that was being run by Cartrefi Conwy and really enjoyed it. I loved the work and really wanted to find a full-time job doing landscaping and other ground works.

“After we started work on the nature trail I was offered a full-time job with Brenig Construction and I couldn’t be happier. I understand it’s because of all the work I’d been involved with working as a volunteer around the estate.

“The whole Peulwys estate looks so much better now. Everything that is being done is making a huge difference and I’m really pleased to be playing a part.

“The nature trail is really, really good. We have cleared the vegetation and learnt new skills like dry stone walling as part of the wall had collapsed. We are now putting up bird boxes and hedgehog hotels to help wildlife.

“It’s given me a huge boost getting a full-time job especially doing something I really enjoy. It’s amazing that it all happened because I went on a Cartrefi Conwy horticulture course. That was the start of it really.

“I also enjoy the fact I’m currently working on the estate where I live making things better for everyone. All the tenants I know are really thrilled with the improvements and you can hardly recognise the Peulwys estate now compared to what it was like a few years ago.”

Steve Walker, a Project Manager with main contractors G Purchase Construction Ltd, says Steve McLeod fully deserved to land his new full-time job.

He said: “We were delighted to recommend Steve to our sub-contractors, Brenig Construction. He really did present himself as an ideal candidate.

“He is certainly very willing and trained himself to a large extent, learning lots of new skills that will help him in the future.

“The £1.1m environmental programme we are currently working on, as well as the landscaping work, will see a new traffic management system, enhanced play areas and the building of a brand new estate entrance.

“We feel we can benefit the community in other ways too and helping Steve secure a full-time job was just one of them.

“I’m delighted he got his job, he deserves it. It’s now up to him to show his worth and stay in full-time employment in the long-term.”

Cartrefi Conwy Senior Tenant Engagement Officer, Owen Veldhuizen, is delighted Steve McLeod secured a full-time role after he attended the horticulture course.

He said: “It’s fantastic news and Steve has certainly put a lot of work into the nature trail which is looking absolutely fantastic. It has made such a difference and we are all delighted with the work that has been done.

“We are planning on putting up interpretation boards along with the bird boxes and hedgehog hotels so tenants can learn something about the local wildlife.

“We are also working with local schools to further involve the Parc Peulwys community in the work we are doing with the nature trail.”

Cartrefi Conwy Environmental Development Officer Matt Stowe says the nature trail will make a big difference to the lives of Parc Peulwys tenants.

He said: “It was completely overgrown and you couldn’t see the pathway at all. The huge amount of work people, like Steve Mcleod, have put in means we now have a proper path adjacent to open fields.

“It’s a big improvement for tenants and a big help to local wildlife which is important too.”

He added: “I am absolutely thrilled that Steve landed a full-time job with Brenig Construction. The fact he attended a horticulture course and was willing to put in a lot of voluntary hours showed his commitment and determination.”

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