Dancers to follow Bieber’s footsteps

Scores of dance-mad youngsters will get off on the right foot thanks to top US choreographers who have worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.

The new dance studio at Howell’s School, in Denbigh, will provide the perfect setting for the week-long camp from August 25 – September 1.

To make sure the young participants receive the best tuition available, the organisers have invited world-class choreographers from the United States.

They include Ian Eastwood and Brian Puspos, who have worked together with  Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson and Usher.

The duo will be joined by Tony Czar, who has danced with Britney Spears and P Diddy, and a dance master known simply as Jian.

The name of a fifth US choreographer is being kept secret until the Howell’s School dance camp gets under way.

An added attraction for the young dancers is that Howell’s is a dead ringer for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts – and was short-listed for a starring role in the blockbuster films ab out the adventures of the popular wizard.

The camp, which will provide an intense programme of instruction in dance styles such as Street and Hip-Hop for boys and girls aged 13 upwards from all over Britain.

It is part of a series of summer workshops being organised by experts from Sunshine Dance Studios in Bolton and its partner agency Soar UK.

Josh Ricketts, managing director of Sunshine Dance Studios, in Bolton, said: “We wanted the camp we are running in North Wales to be residential so we could get all the young people together for the whole week without them having to go home at the end of each day.

“That is why we chose Howell’s School, which has some excellent pupil accommodation and a secure site.

“It also has the benefit of a really top-class dance studio, which has mirrored walls – so important for dancers to be able to see how they are performing – and a bamboo floor.

“We are all really excited about the whole thing because our guest choreographers have worked with some of the biggest names in show business, either as dance teachers or performers.

“Ian Eastwood and Brian Puspos were part of the team which took one of the top spots in the latest series of the US reality TV show America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Brian Puspos said how much he was looking forward to the camp: “This is the first time a dance conference of this size has been done in the UK and the standard of dancers there will be incredible.

“The site is amazing and has everything needed.”

Fellow dancer and friend, Ian Eastwood, said:  “I am hyped about this – the venue, standard, choreographers, are all world class and this is set out to be an incredible week.

“I can’t wait to get to know the people on campus – if you are a dancer and you aren’t booked in then ask yourself why not?!”

Nicola Locke, Trustee of Howell’s School, said: “It is very exciting to be welcoming such dance talent to use our new studio and it is the standard of the studio we now have at the school which has allowed this to happen.

“Howell’s School prides itself on offering a range of first class facilities to our students but it is equally gratifying to open these up and see them well used by other young people from around the UK. I am sure the residential dance camp will be a wonderful experience for them.”

Sam Cass, operations director for Soar UK, said: “The camp is attracting young people from right across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

“We have gone for a week-long residential event so they will have plenty of time to chill out with each other and get to know their teachers properly.

“We will be teaching mainly Street and Hip-Hop, which are the really hot dance styles at the moment after being featured in TV shows like Got to Dance and Britain’s Got Talent.”

Sam added: “With the camp at Howell’s School we set out to create an event which would bring together young people of all ages from a wide area of Britain and also Europe and that is exactly what we have done.

“We believe that dance is so important in helping young people to develop and to give them something constructive and creative to get involved in.

“Our aim was to keep the camp as affordable as possible, so the fee is from just £360, which includes four dance classes a day plus all accommodation and food.”

For those wishing to sign up for the dance camp at Howell’s School, there is a registration form on the website

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