Elizabeth,105, reveals the secret of long life to the Mayor of Wrexham

A woman born in the year the Henry Ford changed the world forever with his Model T Ford  car has celebrated her 105th birthday.

To mark the occasion, great great grandmother Elizabeth Hughes received her second telegram from the Queen – the first came on her 100th birthday – and held a party with her family and the Mayor and Mayoress of Wrexham.

Now Mrs Hughes says she is determined to get a third telegram from Her Majesty in five years’ time when plans to celebrate her 110th birthday.

To help her celebrate her big day, more than 70 members of Elizabeth’s family joined her for a special birthday party at Hillbury House Care Home, part of Pendine Park care organisation, where she has lived since September of last year.

The mayor, Cllr Ian Roberts, was extremly pleased he and his wife, Hilary, had been invited – a year after they delivered flowers and a card on her 104th birthday.

He said: “It’s a lovely, very family, occasion and Hilary and I are absolutely thrilled to have the pleasure, once again, of visiting Mrs Hughes and to celebrate another momentous birthday celebration.

“I know Mrs Hughes was born in Wrexham and has lived in the town for most of her life. And of course, many family members also have strong Wrexham connections too although some family members have travelled from as far as London and Essex to be here today.

“And of course it’s always a pleasure to visit Hillbury Care Home which has a delightful and homely atmosphere. I know Mrs Hughes only moved into Hillbury a few months ago but she certainly seems very content and settled.

“She looks exceptionally relaxed and definitely does not look anything like a woman of 105 years of age.”

Mrs Hughes’ daughter, Joan Parry, 78, says her mum was living semi-independently until last September but was a bit unsteady on her feet so it was decided she would be better living in a care home.

She said: “She is still, in many ways, very independent and a very determined lady. She was born, in Wrexham, on the 9th of February 1908 at an address near to Brooke Street.

“Her maiden name was Jones and her father was a brewer at Sissons Brewery in the town. She was in service at a house in Rock Ferry after finishing her education.

“Mum married my father, William Thomas Hughes, at Wrexham registry Office in 1934 and they had three children, my two brothers, David, 75, and Gwillym, who died aged 73 nine years ago. Dad was a bricklayer by trade.

“Of course the family has expanded and she now has 12 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren. She’s a very contented lady and still has a very good sense of humour too.”

She added: “She received a telegram from the Queen when she was 100 and was very upset she didn’t get one the following year. However, we were told you get one on your 100th birthday and then every five years after that.

“She was absolutely determined to get a second card and has already said she intends to be around in five year’s time to get her third telegram! I wouldn’t bet against her making it.”

Mrs Hughes puts her longevity down to only putting up with one man in her life.

She said: “One was enough. When my husband passed away I stayed away from men. They are more trouble than they are worth! I am really pleased to get another telegram from the Queen and I have had a lovely party too with all my family here.

“People say I don’t look as old as I am but I laugh at that really. They ask me how I keep my skin young and I tell them the truth, soap and water and none of that gunk these youngsters smother their faces in nowadays.”

Mrs Hughes added: “I like it in Hillbury Care Home I was just getting a bit unsteady on my feet and had a few falls. Here, I get looked after really well and there is always lots of company although my someone from my family calls in nearly every day.”

Hillbury Manager Cindy Clutton says Mrs Hughes has settled well into life at the home and has already made many friends.

She said: “She is a remarkable lady and it’s a pleasure to have been able to invite all he family her for a special birthday celebration party and buffet.

“I know Mrs Hughes was particularly excited about receiving her second telegram from the Queen and having all her family around her for a party. Family members drop into see her most, if not every day, and are always welcome.

“It’s amazing she was living semi-independently until September of last year when she moved into Hillbury House. Everyone here wishes her well and we all hope we get to help her celebrate many more birthdays in the future.”

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