Fashion show delights shoppers

Glitz and glamour came to Shrewsbury’s bustling Darwin and Pride Hill Shopping Centres on Saturday with a series of live fashion shows.

The two centres played host to Fashion On The Move with a team of models from the Catwalk Agency, headed by stylist and presenter Alex Bell, staging five shows throughout the day.

On the busy Shrerwsbury Street Theatre weekend it brought crowds flocking into the centres to be entertained by the models parading the latest High Street fashions from the centres’ retailers.

Carolyn Codd, assistant manager at Monsoon in the Darwin Centre, was delighted to have been involved in the event and said: “I didn’t see much of it because we were so busy but what I saw was really good.

“The way they had the models walking round the centres rather than just being in one piece was brilliant – the clothes looked really good and I heard our name mentioned.

“We were busy and we’re very pleased with the way they’re really trying to drive footfall and make a difference.

“It was very well planned with it taking place on this particular weekend and we’re always up for events like this and happy to help out and for our point of view this definitely stepped it up.”

The series of shows kicked off at Next in the Pride Hill Shopping Centre and supervisor Becky Morris said: “The town was very full and there were lots of people in.

“Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I think it worked very well.”

Kevin Lockwood, Manager iof the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, said: “It seemed to go very, very well and was a very well planned event.

“The Shopping Centres were very busy and we’ll know by the end of the week what difference it has made to footfall but the reaction from the shops has been very positive and there seemed to be plenty of smiling faces here on Saturday.”

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