Grandma Jane inspired to open children’s fashion store in Shrewsbury

A young grandmother has taken inspiration from her own two young grandchildren to open her own children’s fashion clothes shop, Flutterbies, in Shrewsbury‘s Pride Hill Shopping Centre.

Jayne Jarman, 43, who has worked with young adults with challenging behaviour problems for a number of years, says she always wanted her own business and thought it was time she gave it a go.

She said: “I have always been interested in fashion, particularly children’s clothes. Having my own shop has always been something of a dream and I just thought one day that if I didn’t give it a go I’d regret it.

“I have two grown up children of my own, Martin and Lisa, and two grandchildren, Reece and Hugo, who are both under two, and they always leave the store with something nice.

“I always wanted to see my children looking smart and well turned out and my grandchildren are too and that’s inspired my interest in children’s fashion.

“It is a new venture but I think I have gone about it the right way. I did market research and realised that there is a gap in the market for good quality children’s clothing in Shrewsbury.

“I looked at Pride Hill Shopping Centre and really liked the unit so thought why not? I’ll give it my best shot.

“It was very busy leading up to Christmas and I’ve had lots of good feedback”

Kevin Lockwood, Manager of the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, said: “We have had a number of new openings in recent months and it’s always good to see another independent taking its place alongside the big names in the Centres.

“It’s that mix of the familiar high street names and small, independent stores, often catering for niche markets, that makes our shopping mix so diverse and so appealing and makes shopping here in Shrewsbury so interesting.”

Jayne is originally from Telford but now lives in Shrewsbury with her partner, David, an electrician.

She said: “David has backed me all the way and is given me a helping hand getting things set up. And my mum, Barbara Whitefoot, is helping me too, which I am really grateful for.

“I’m stocking the clothes I would perhaps choose but that aren’t perhaps  readily available in Shrewsbury. I think it’s important to sell good quality clothes at reasonable prices. I am stocking a few designer label items too but again, the price has to be right.”

Jayne says she has high hopes for Flutterbies and hopes an up-turn in the economic climate will help her get the business established.

She said: “Initially I will be running the shop myself but I’d like to think I will be soon in a position to take at least one member of staff on.

“Of course the Pride Hill Flutterbies shop could be the first of a national chain, that’s my dream! My partner, David, came up with the idea for the name. I really like it as it has a nice ring to it.

“I did start trading a few weeks ago from The Giant Party Shop in Mardol but that was only while I waited for the Pride Hill Shop to be ready.

“It’s certainly an exciting time for me and something I’ve definitely always dreamed of doing.”

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