Mr Motivator blasts business myths

A former bomb disposal engineer is on a new mission to help budding entrepreneurs – exploding a few business myths along the way.

Steve Burgess, 37, from Wrexham, has taken up a less precarious profession as a Mr Motivator for fledgling companies.

The ex-engineer set up his own consultancy company, BQMC, to help firms comply with various national and international standards after leaving the RAF.

He’s even written an appropriately titled book on the subject, Explosive Business, which is all about explaining and demystifying the jargon around the business of standards compliance.

Steve has now set up a new commercial operation, Proactionman Limited, offering courses for people setting up their own businesses.

He paid tribute to the “crucial advice and support” he has received from Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditors, Coxeys, who have offices in Wrexham and Saltney.

Steve said: “When you set up a business, there are quite a few potential minefields that you need to navigate.

“Having top class professional advice like I have received from Coxeys is absolutely essential – it saves you a lot of worry and a lot of money in the long run.”

A native of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Steve spent eight years in the RAF where he qualified as a Weapons Engineer.

As well as working with guided missiles and fast jets, Steve also specialised in disposing of conventional air and land-based munitions. The work included a stint as part of a bomb disposal unit in the Falkland Islands.

He explained: “Munitions have an expiry life and then when that life expires  you’re  occasionally required to dispose of them.

“Not to put too fine a point on it,  you’re obviously using explosives to get rid of explosives – blowing things up to demolish the threat.

“It not a job for people with a nervous disposition but you are very well trained and you operate as part of a three-man team in a tank”

Developing appropriate standards and rigorously following proper procedures was an essential part of the job.

So, Steve’s skills as an expert in applying standards were the ideal preparation for setting up BQMC.

He said: “After I left the RAF, I was invited to assist a friend’s petro-chemical company to develop their own standards in their company.

“They help to service oil refineries, and they needed to put in place certain quality management standards, environmental management and health and safety procedures.

“With my background with working in regulations it was a natural fit really and it was clear to me that there was a real business opportunity here.

“We specialise in helping companies comply with a whole range of international and Government-accredited standards.

“I didn’t have any money to start a business so when I set up BQMC I had to do as much as I could for myself.

“I couldn’t afford to spend money on buying other people’s services and products which meant I had to look inward and educate myself.

“You could say I have been there and got the T-shirt and I now want to pass on that experience to help budding entrepreneurs make a success of their own ventures

“I would like to remove the worry from starting up and show people that there are alternative paths, rather than just loans and buying services.

“Through Proactionman and Proactionwoman, I want to be a motivator and explode a few myths about setting up a business.

“I work as a consultant and run training courses that will give people the tools and ideas to develop and grow their business whilst focusing on saving money by educating yourself and your staff.

“We are unique because we focus on building the person, as well as the business.

“A business start up is a pressure cooker environment, too many people and companies waste time and money on areas that they can learn and control themselves.

“You have to give yourself a chance. Money is not the key to a successful business, it is your brain. That is what we help to develop.

“I’d obviously like Proactionman and Proactionwoman to develop into a nationally recognised brand because I do foresee that the need for this service will continue to grow.

“I want to pass on my skills and what I’ve learned to people who are starting on that ladder to warn them of the pitfalls and help them take advantage of opportunities that come their way.”

Gill Atkinson, a Director of Coxeys, was delighted they were able to play a part in Steve’s growing success.

She said: “Steve is a fantastic role model for any budding entrepreneurs – he has a great business idea, a vision of how he wants the company to develop and the drive to make it happen.

“His skills, experience and knowledge would be invaluable to any entrepreneurs or fledging businesses following in his footsteps.”

Steve Burgess is running a two-day course, costing £99, at Glyndwr University’s Catrin Finch Centre on Wednesday, October 24, and Tuesday, November 6. For more information go to or ring Steve on 01244 571655 or email

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