North Wales: Ex-Gladiator Jet tackles childhood obesity at Spire Healthcare

A former Gladiator is going into battle against childhood obesity in Abergele.

Diane Youdale, best known for her role as Jet in the hit TV series Gladiators, will be holding workshops at Spire Healthcare Consulting Rooms on the outskirts of the town.

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She will work alongside the private hospital’s consultants helping patients tackle obesity and other health issues.

Diane, 44, spent four years as Jet in the cult 1990s TV series Gladiators.

The popular show saw contestants from all walks of life take on super-fit Gladiators in a series of physical challenges, winning points and a place in the final event, The Eliminator.

However, a fall during a live unscreened 1996 show as she tackled a contender resulted in a back injury and trapped nerves in her neck.

As a result, she retired from the hugely popular TV series and qualified as a psychotherapist and pilates instructor.

Now she says she is looking forward to working at the Spire Healthcare Consulting Rooms on the North Wales Business Park where she will be delivering her own “Core Philosophy” workshops to patients.

The move has been made possible because Spire Yale Hospital is doubling the size of its Consulting Rooms.

They have taken over the first floor of the building where they have been based on the ground floor since 2009.

The expansion will also enable Spire to introduce a number of new services, including non-surgical cosmetic and beauty treatments.

Other services available will include acupuncture, sports massage, pilates, yoga and chiropody.

Diane said: “I’m so looking forward to working with patients and particularly helping tackle childhood obesity. It’s all about introducing exercise and improving the health and well-being of young people.

“It’s also about introducing the right diet and showing people that if they eat rubbish, then, the chances are, they are going to feel rubbish. Sometimes it can be that simple. But it’s also important to have fun and enjoy exercise. Working with Spire Healthcare is going to be something really positive.

“I was always very much into fitness and was probably one of the UK’s first qualified personal fitness trainers in 1991. When Gladiators started on TV we really didn’t have a fitness industry in the UK.

“After I left Gladiators, and I left partly through my injury but also because I really didn’t want to put my own health and well-being at risk purely for the entertainment of others, I decided to move away from pure fitness and study to qualify as a psychotherapist.

“I developed Core Philosophy as a way of helping people think about their minds and bodies and to improve their well-being through fun exercise and eating the right things.

“At Spire Healthcare I will spend two days a week at the Abergele Consulting Rooms working alongside consultants and delivering workshops to help make patients feel good about themselves, both mentally and physically.”

Andrea Carri, manager of Spire Healthcare Consulting Rooms was delighted Diane Youdale will be in the centre’s new North Wales Cosmetic Suite.

She said: “We have doubled the size of our Abergele Consulting Rooms by taking over the upper floor of the building. We are now able to offer nurse-led non-surgical beauty and cosmetic treatments using Elemis, Dermalogica and Mesoastetics as part of our service.

“We are thrilled to have Diane on board. She is keen on nutrition and exercise and will work with our paediatricians on child obesity. There is also scope for her to work with other consultants on a number of health issues, such as stroke rehabilitation.

“Diane is so enthusiastic and without doubt she is going to make a real difference. She will be working closely with consultants who know precisely what skills she can bring to the table.

“I’m really excited about working with her and seeing the difference her Core Philosophy workshops will make to the lives of our patients.”

Spire Yale Hospital Director Sue Jones, said: “The new space we have available at our Abergele Consulting Rooms gives us the opportunity to expand our services.

“We are now able to offer holistic treatments, massage, spa therapies, skin treatments and medical chemical peels alongside nutrition, diet and fitness sessions.

“Diane has a great deal to offer and I am sure she will make a significant difference to the lives of patients. I am delighted that we have also brought in a personal trainer to work alongside Diane in helping deliver individual exercise plans.

“The Spire North Wales Cosmetic Suite is aiming to provide a service that will help our patients not only look better but also feel better about themselves by giving them the professional advice and guidance they need.”



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