Satellite technology makes business larger than life on the big screen

A cinema complex is revolutionising business conferences in North Wales – with the help of the silver screen.

Delegates at the Scala Cinema and Arts Centre in Prestatyn can now use satellite technology to link up live with colleagues anywhere in the world.

The larger than life images are beamed in using the same high tech wizardry that brings world class opera and theatre productions to the Scala.

The centre also boasts a media suite kitted out with state-of-the-art computers and software while digital network links allow for interactive dynamic presentations on the big screen.

According to General Manager Chris Bond, being located on the North Wales coast means the complex is the perfect place for business, training, private, public and charitable organisations to hold conferences and meetings of any size.

He said: “We are finding that business and organisations who come to us for conferences and meetings come back to us because of the brilliant facilities we can offer.

“I just want to ensure that as many organisations, businesses, statutory bodies and agencies as possible are aware of just what we have to offer.

“The media suite has 16 Apple Mac lap-top computers all with the latest software available.

“We also have the latest high definition cameras available meaning films and presentations can be recorded and edited on site and the finished product projected onto the large screen.”

The campaign to promote the Scala as a venue for business conferences has been boosted by a £1.3 million project is to breathe new life into communities across Anglesey and Denbighshire.

WINSENT (Wales Ireland Network for Social Entrepreneurship) aims to support new and existing social enterprises to grow, network with each other and become sustainable.

Social enterprises are often groups that offer childcare, recycling, art projects and key community projects like opening a community run shop or pub, all of which are for the benefit of the local people.

The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Ireland Wales Programme (INTERREG 4A).

WINSENT helped in securing funding for the media suite as well as staff training at the Scala.

Mr Bond said: “We have had a great deal of help from WINSENT for which we are very grateful. It’s wonderful to be able to access a scheme that was set up specifically to help Welsh and Irish social enterprises.

“There is no doubt that we can do a great deal to help, through our first class facilities, small business and charitable organisations. We really do have everything on site to arrange everything from a big conference to a small meeting.”

Mr Bond revealed the interactive facilities proved a big hit with Wrexham Glyndwr University students.

He said: “During the recent Cardiff Film Festival, Wrexham Glyndwr students using our facilities here were able to converse in real time with Aberystwyth and Cardiff students via our interactive and dynamic digital network.

“We also had great success with a question and answer session with actors  Dame Judi Dench and Jude Law. They answered questions from filmgoers here and at other cinemas across the country.

“The important thing is that we have the capacity and technology to allow conference delegates or businesses to converse with colleagues anywhere in the world.”

And when it’s not in use as a conference facility the Scala’s satellite screen is proving a big hit with cinema goers.

“Satellite performances are hugely popular. We are screening a live performance by the Bolshoi Ballet in the coming weeks while a Royal Marines concert has already sold out, ” concluded Mr Bond.

Sue Haygarth, of Consultancy Coop based in Wales, is assisting Denbighshire County Council in delivering WINSENT for social enterprises in the county.

She said: “The Scala is a perfect example of community focused social enterprise in action.

“Social enterprise is about the art of the possible and the Scala is doing everything it can to maximise its potential. It’s a business with a social ethos.

“I want to raise the profile of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship so that they can draw on our free support and help.

“A social enterprise can be any number of things – it can be a person looking to transform a derelict building into a community hub, it can be people looking for a place to exhibit arts and crafts or it can be youth projects or a childcare scheme.

 “Our aim is to enhance the social fabric of communities. If you have lost the community feeling, you have lost the area.

 “Very often they need help with funding applications and  business planning or marketing and communications.

“I work collaboratively with other support organisations to help them find the assistance they need. If we can’t do it, we’ll find somebody who can help.

“Ultimately, we want to create a network of social entrepreneurs and enterprises in conjunction with our colleagues in Ireland.

For more information about business meetings and conferences at the Scala Cinema and Arts Centre call 01745 850 197 or visit and anyone  wanting more information about WINSENT should contact Sue Haygarth by emailing her Alternatively you can go to the website

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