The Energy Company in North Wales take on the price comparison giants

A North Wales company are taking on the might of Gio Compario and the Meerkats with their very own energy price comparison website.

The Energy Company, based in Ruthin, have launched a new site to help domestic consumers cut their gas and electricity bills as part of their revamped new website,, and it’s certainly proving a moneysaver.

One homeowner has just saved a massive £1866 a year while Mark Mason, The Energy Company’s Business Development Manager, is reporting annual average savings for consumers of £142.

It’s a new departure for the company which celebrates 20 years in business this year and which has previously concentrated on arranging energy supplies for commercial customers.

Over the years they estimate that their business customers have saved themselves over £5 million and the new web-based service extends their services to homeowners as well.

Gio Compario might be warbling ‘Go Compare’ while the Meerkats offer a cuddly toy incentive to customers but The Energy Company say they provide a far more comprehensive service than some more famous comparison sites who have added energy sections to their raft of other offers.

Mark Mason said: “We have access to 47 different companies offering energy deals to the domestic and business consumer although over 80 per cent of people are with one of the big six suppliers.

“Many of them you will never have heard of but they can offer the best option and often it’s also worth looking at getting your gas and electricity from different suppliers – that can be the most cost effective option.

“Names like Zog, Woodland Trust, Utilita, Daligas and Atlantic might not be familiar but the gas and electricity is exactly the same.

“There is no cost to consumers using our site as we get paid a commission by the suppliers and we’re happy to accept whatever rate they will pay so as to offer the best and most comprehensive service to our customers.”

The Energy Company was launched 20 years ago by Managing Director John Davies and Colin Pritchard and had concentrated on the commercial sector, arranging energy supplies for businesses.

The company are now based on Lon Parcwr, Ruthin, where they employ eight staff as well as a network of agents across the UK.

Director Colin Pritchard said: “We decided to venture into the domestic market in response to requests from our commercial customers.

“Obviously customers also have to organise their own domestic supplies and they asked us to help out so we looked into it and have come up with our own price comparison site and it’s proving very popular.

“The Government are very keen on people putting pressure on the energy suppliers to improve their service and be more competitive on price and by offering a website that does that we’re helping them achieve that aim.”

Managing Director John Davies said: “It is surprising just how many people have not switched suppliers. Government estimates indicate that up to 80 per cent of domestic customers are still with their original suppliers.

“We’re delighted to help all our customers, domestic and commercial, and we estimate that in the last 10 years alone we have saved them a minimum of £5 million, money which I am sure they can better spend elsewhere.”

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