Top DJ back on the Swansea scene

A sales assistant and part-time DJ has landed a top award to help re-launch his music career after putting his performing on hold while he studied for a degree.

David Langley, 31, who works at fashion store USC in the Quadrant Shopping Centre has just graduated with a BSc in Music Technology from Swansea Metropolitan University.

David, the store’s head of denim, who is now back performing as one of Swansea’s most popular DJ’s, has just won the Over 9 Award from a London-based digital marketing company.

He said: “The competition was put together by a digital marketing company. I had to re-mix the work of a band I’d never met.

“Basically producers are randomly paired with bands, in my case it was a band I’d never heard of called Beautiful Sleazy. I re-mixed their song, December Girl, and sent it back and was thrilled to hear I’d come out on top.

“I have won a music web page designed and developed by Over9 which will be brilliant as I do a quite popular music blog already and it should help get the word out that I’m back.”

The former Swansea Metropolitan University student says his music technology degree wasn’t so much about playing instruments but instead was all about the science of sound.

He said: “It’s all about the science behind how sound works and how our brains interpret what you hear. The course was very science-based to be honest but really interesting.

“It’s just amazing how sound works and how we are able to hear music in different ways. It has made me think differently about my DJ work and how I approach it.”

He added: “I used to play guitar and a bit of drums a few years ago but sadly I had an industrial accident when I was 19 and lost a finger. I still play a bit in private but haven’t the confidence to play publicly.

“So I started out as a DJ. You can’t just go into it without paying your dues. I began brushing up after clubs closed and helping out on the sound side of things as well as being something of a lighting jockey. I just had to grab the odd chance to perform when they came along.

“Then, I got my first break as a DJ at Quids Inn in Swansea, which has sadly now closed.  After that I started to get decent gigs and performed at the best clubs on the best nights.”

He said: “However, when I started on my degree course I knew being a DJ would inevitably have to take a back seat so I could concentrate on my course work.

“I think my last gig was at Club Rouge last Boxing Night. But I’m back and looking forward to playing my music at all of Swansea’s best venues.

But David says he has now intention of giving up his job at the Quadrant’s USC store having worked in the retail sector since he was 17.

He said: “I love working there to be honest. It’s always buzzing especially at weekends. The customers are great and the team I work with are just superb.

“I really enjoy my job and I might yet stay in retail full-time. I am looking at doing some part-time youth support work in December and we will see how that goes but I’m definitely staying at USC.”

Ian Kirkpatrick, Manager of the Quadrant Shopping Centre, said: “We do have some remarkably talented people here at the Quadrant with abilities in all kinds of fields.

“David was in action here on the student fashion night when he played a DJ set at USC and that certainly entertained everyone and made for a great atmosphere that evening.”

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