Zombie terror at the Quadrant Centre

A Swansea shopping centre is set for a fright night with a difference as a host of bloodthirsty zombies take up residence.

Once the Quadrant Shopping Centre’s shops are closed and darkness has fallen on Saturday, March 23, a pop-up cinema will screen the classic horror film Dawn of the Dead to a full house audience of 120 customers.

The 1978 gory shocker tells the story of a plague of flesh eating zombies who terrorize a small town.

And with most of the action taking place in a shopping mall, setting up a cinema screen in the Quadrant will provide an atmospheric backdrop for the audience according to project leader and film maker Tom Betts.

The pop-up cinema scheme is a collaboration between Cardiff’s Chapter Cinema and screening initiative Darkened Room, which is partly run by Tom Betts.

He said: “The idea is to screen great films in unusual places instead of just at cinemas. The show at the Quadrant is the first time we have screened a film outside Cardiff.

“But the Quadrant Shopping Centre is just a perfect location to show Dawn of the Dead as most of the film is set within the confines of a shopping mall. We have also screened other films in locations that relate in some way to the story.

“For example, we screened The Shining in the Angel Hotel, Cardiff which has a similar ball room to the Overlook Hotel depicted in the film. It really added something to the film especially as it was snowing outside at the time of screening, just as it was in the film.

“We have also screened Alien at Techniquest Science and Discovery Centre in Cardiff, again that provided an interesting back-drop for a classic movie.”

Ian Kirkpatrick, Manager of the Quadrant Shopping Centre, said: “This is a really interesting concept and one which should work really well because the quiet of the Quadrant at night should make for a great atmosphere.

“We’d love to do it again so I am racking my brains for other films that are set in shopping centres – any ideas?”

And according to Tom the audience might find not all the zombies are confined to the Quadrant cinema screen.

He said: “I think there is every likelihood there will be a few very real zombies in and around the Quadrant making a nuisance of themselves on the night.

“The screen itself is 14ft wide and the 120 seats will be arranged so everyone gets a really good view of the screen. The shopping centre will open at 7.45pm with the film starting at 8pm.

“Dawn of the Dead is rated as 18 and therefore no one under the age of 18 will be allowed in and refreshments will be available. Tickets, which are £9.99 are on sale now and if there is sufficient interest there is the possibility of a second showing on Friday, March 22nd.”

He added: “What we are trying to do is bring great cinema out into unusual locations. And it isn’t all about horror films as we have screened classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life at a Cardiff hotel. I’d like to think if Dawn of the Dead is popular at the Quadrant than we may look to have further screenings at what is such a good venue.”

For more information visit www.darkenedrooms.com

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