Ex-PCSO Kelsey’s new crime fighting mission as a “latter day Robin Hood”

A former Police Community Support Officer is on a new mission to fight crime across North Wales using cash seized from villains.

Kelsey Reed has just been appointed as the project manager for the North Wales Police and Community Trust (PACT) which provides funding for local initiatives across the region.

Since being established in 1998, the organisation has given more than £2 million towards projects across the region – appropriately, much of it money confiscated from criminals and recycled for the public good.

PACT works closely with North Wales Police’s neighbourhood policing teams, particularly the network of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

The organisation’s main focus is to provide funding to community and voluntary groups for schemes that improve people’s quality of life by reducing crime or the fear of crime.

Over the past quarter of a century projects in communities in every single county in North Wales have benefited from PACT funding.

They include the pioneering Justice in a Day drama workshops with schools across the region,  giving young people a taste of how the criminal justice system works and the devastating effect crime can have on families and the community.

It was during her time working as PCSO that Kelsey developed her passion for crime prevention.

She said: “I really enjoyed being a PCSO and an opportunity came up to go on a secondment specialising in community  safety and I loved it.

“That’s where my interest in crime prevention started and I subsequently worked as a designing out crime officer with North Wales Police, giving specialist advice and guidance to architects at all stages through the planning system and how to address any issues on estates that have already been built.

“I’ve been involved with PACT over the years in little bits and pieces from my previous roles and I saw how much of a positive difference these brilliant initiatives can make to local communities.

“There’s an element of poetic justice going on here as well because a lot of the funding that you’re able to hand out is essentially money that’s been seized from criminals, so it’s a really good news story about reducing crime and reducing the fear of crime.

PACT chair Ashley Rogers was delighted to welcome Kelsey to her new role.

He said: “It’s absolutely fantastic.  Not only did we celebrate our 25th anniversary last year but we now have a brand new team member who’s already got some great experience in the force.

“Her background is absolutely ideal and I think Kelsey will be a driving force for PACT as we move forward, which means a lot more projects being supported across North Wales.

“The work of PACT is more relevant than ever and the combination of the events of the last few years means that communities’ needs and projects’ needs are far greater now than they were.

“The types of project we support, means that PACT’s able to get involved in communities right across every single county at all different levels and that’s including sports, support for victims of domestic abuse, whatever it might be, we’re there to help the communities of North Wales.

“We have funded well over 2,500 projects and there isn’t a community we haven’t supported financially and as we move forward with Kelsey now in place, we’ll keep on driving that and doing more good.

“It is very much the Robin Hood type of scenario where we are returning something that has been taken from our communities and giving that money back, essentially turning bad money into good money.

“We are encouraging community organisations to apply for funding for projects that will have a positive impact, particularly those which have a long-term vision reflecting the rich diversity of our area and work in collaboration with others to prevent problems occurring.

“Applicants should talk to their local PCSO or directly to PACT to see if we can help projects in your community.  That’s what we’re here for.”

Application forms for funding can be obtained via the PACT website  www.pactnorthwales.co.uk or by emailing  enquiries@pactnorthwales.co.uk while those wanting to discuss their ideas can contact Kelsey Reed on 07557 849990.

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