Ex-top cop confirmed as new deputy police and crime commissioner

The new deputy police and crime commissioner for North Wales has vowed to ramp up the fight against serious and organised crime.

Wayne Jones, a former Detective Chief Superintendent, made the crackdown promise after his appointment was unanimously confirmed today (Monday, September 20) by the North Wales Police and Crime Panel.

He was the preferred candidate of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Andy Dunbobbin, who chose him after a “rigorous and transparent” selection process.

Mr Jones, 50, retired from North Wales Police in March of this year after a distinguished career spanning 30 years when he led a series of successful, high profile investigations.

During his time with the force, he attained Level 3 in Welsh and he has committed to taking Welsh lessons to improve his fluency, along with the commissioner who is also learning Welsh.

He said: “I am delighted that my appointment has been confirmed and I am really looking forward to working as Andy’s deputy so we can make North Wales Police an even better force.

“What particularly attracted me to the job was the fact that our vision and values are aligned, and I can’t wait to undertake the role so we can make North Wales and even safer place to live and work.

“There is a lot to do in terms of strengthening neighbourhood policing in communities across North Wales. We have a strong base and can build on the good work that has already laid the foundations.

“We will also be focusing on tackling the most serious violent and organised crime because it can have a damaging impact on communities.

“As well as the drug dealing and the violence that comes with it, these gangs prey on vulnerable people – getting them in a spiral of debt, sometimes taking over their home and using violence and intimidation to coerce them into drug dealing.

“I’m really committed to tackle serious and organised crime in every way it manifests itself, including criminal exploitation and modern day slavery  in all its forms.

While serving with North Wales Police, Mr Jones was instrumental in establishing a number of ground breaking initiatives including the Police Online Investigation Team (POLIT) and the Onyx team for Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Mr Jones added: “I also care deeply about tackling child sexual exploitation.

“Paedophiles will always look for opportunities to exploit children whether it’s contact offending or online offending.

“A lot of these offences happen behind closed doors.  Offenders can often be known to the victim as a friend or relative and will abuse that position of trust against the victim and bully and try to silence the victim. With children spending large amounts of time on-line they can also be targeted by offenders pretending to be someone else.

“It’s therefore imperative that we continue to raise awareness with children all the time to say that this is wrong, and this is not what they should grow up with – so education plays a really, really key role at a young age.

“Like Andy, I am committed to promoting the use of the Welsh language and I am really confident in the language provision of the team because 75 per cent of the staff are fluent Welsh speakers.”

Commissioner Dunbobbin said: “I am grateful to the Police and Crime Panel for confirming Wayne’s appointment.

“His expertise and in-depth knowledge of modern day policing are going to be invaluable as we work together to scrutinise North Wales Police to ensure the force becomes even more efficient and effective.”

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