Jones Village Bakery on a roll with American burger chain

A top bakery has clinched a deal to supply popular burger chain Five Guys.

Before it was signed off, the burger buns and rolls made by the Jones Village Bakery in Wrexham had to be approved by fast-growing American company’s bakery team who flew in from the States.

The bread is made using a secret American recipe that’s designed to provide the ideal accompaniment for the signature burgers and the hot dogs at Five Guys – so-called because the business was founded by five brothers.

The chain has more than 130 branches across the UK with more opening all the time – at a rate of between 15 and 20 outlets a year.

Their story started in Arlington, Virginia, when Jerry and Janie Murrell, gave their five sons a choice of either starting a business or going to college.

According to Five Guys, their success is based on a simple formula: “Burgers and fries cooked to perfection”.

They turned to the Jones Village Bakery because needed a new supplier in the UK as they are expanding so rapidly.

The timing was perfect because the Jones family have just opened a new 140,000 sq ft flagship bakery and headquarters on Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Managing director Robin Jones said: “They came to see us and they were impressed with our wonderful facilities and it’s gone from there.

“They’re opening up branches all the time but the thing I love about Five Guys is they’re so quality focused and their burgers and fries are amazing.  Their milkshakes are to die for.

“Our passion for quality is shared so I am incredibly excited by this new partnership.

“We’re making their hot dog rolls and their burger buns.  One style of burger bun is sesame topped. It’s a very rich product, the best quality flour, the best quality ingredients.

“We’ve used their American recipe. I can’t give their secrets away but it’s a very special bun and it’s absolutely delicious.

“When you take a bite of that burger, the bun is just as important as the meat and the toppings.

“What Five Guys are trying to do is replicate their bun throughout the world, so every time you go into a Five Guys restaurant, you have the same experience.

“The brothers sent their top bakery team from the States to sign off of the buns and the rolls.

“If they do not sign it off, you do not supply them. It’s as simple as that. You have to have their seal of approval.

“The philosophy of Five Guys is driven by their original vision and their family values shine through.

“Everything is fresh, nothing is frozen and they prepare the burgers in store. The fries are hand-cut daily while the beef comes from Scotland and is grain finished for a marbled texture perfect for patties.

“We’re going to supply all their stores in the top half of the UK, from Birmingham upwards.

“We’re honoured to work with Five Guys.  We’re working with the best retailers in the UK, now we’re working with the best food service operators.  So, we’re super happy.”

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