Booming firm opens Flintshire offices

Business is booming for a former bomb disposal expert.

BQMC, the company set up by Steve Burgess, is expanding and plans to take on new staff later in the year.

To cater for the expected growth, the company has moved into larger premises on the Wales-England border at the Evans Business Centre, Chester West Employment Park, Minerva Avenue, on the outskirts of Chester.

The new offices, just on the Flintshire side of the border, were officially opened by Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami.

Ex-engineer Mr Burgess, who lives in Wrexham, set up the consultancy company after leaving the RAF.

BQMC specialises in helping firms comply with various national and international standards.

Mr Burgess has even written an appropriately titled book on the subject, Explosive Business, which is all about explaining and demystifying the jargon around the business of quality standards compliance.

He’s also recorded a series of tutorials on YouTube to give clients instant access to professional advice on compliance matters.

Mr Tami said: “I am delighted to be here today to open the new office and to show that business is expanding and growing.

“We are in difficult economic times but there are opportunities at a time like this.

“This is very good news for Alyn and Deeside. Steve is a dynamic, can do person and is always looking for new opportunities.

“Standards and compliance are increasingly important issues for companies these days.

“As well as attaining agreed and top standards so that companies work in a safe and appropriate fashion, BQMC can help businesses grow.

“It is about helping businesses to be compliant and through that be more successful in their own right.”

According to Mr Burgess, he and fellow director Iona Hughes were delighted Mr Tami had found time in his busy schedule to officially open their new office.

Mr Burgess added: “It’s a fantastic day for the company and a new and exciting chapter in our history.

“We have a diverse range of clients in the private and public sectors, among them the Welsh Government and the University of Plymouth – probably one of the world’s most environmentally friendly institutions as regards education.

“Standards and compliance are about more than a bureaucratic exercise to tick boxes.

“It’s especially important that our work is overseen by appropriately accredited bodies, to enforce proper regulation.

“BQMC are also certificated by an accredited body to ensure that standards are applied correctly in our own business as well as in others.

“We assist with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, Green Dragon and BS 8555.

“It’s not a marketing exercise, it’s an impartial process that helps companies get onto tender lists as well as improving their structure and their efficiency.

“It also helps the people who work for the companies because raising awareness leads to staff satisfaction rates going up.

“We’re looking to continue expanding in 2013, we’re going to be taking approximately three staff and we’re going to be involved with Chester University as well by taking on some students as well as a student from Plymouth University.

“Recording the You Tube tutorials was all about putting some excitement and enthusiasm back into standards because sometimes they’re seen as being a bit dull.

Director Iona Hughes is the company’s expert on environmental matters.

She said: “For a business, environmental compliance is about more than ticking boxes – it can help them be more efficient while at the same time helping the bottom line.

“By putting in certain environmental management systems, companies can qualify for contract tenders because a lot of big customers are asking them what their environmental and sustainability policies are.

“By doing those simple things they will always save money on their electric, water, raw materials and waste.”

For more information about the company go to and to watch the You Tube tutorials go to

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