Glassical sounds head to Church Square Shopping Centre for half-term

Youngsters will be able to blow a tune on a fantastical instrument made from glass bottles at Church Square Shopping Centre later this month.

The glass gallery will pop up during the Whitsun half-term in the St Helens busy shopping mall. It will offer youngsters the chance to learn the ancient art of stained glass-making, with their art masterpieces going on show in the centre for shoppers, friends and relatives to admire.

Church Square Shopping Centre manager Steve Brogan said: “Glass making is synonymous with St Helens, it’s the industry on which the town’s fortunes are based, and which still employs many people today.

“This is our chance to show local youngsters the wonders of glass, from using it to create their own musical compositions through to stained glass, an art form that goes back generations, and links in with the centre’s own roots, alongside the town’s parish church.

“The children will also learn about the science of glass-making, from the early days and how it used today, plus they’ll pick up some musical and art skills along the way – but they’ll think it’s all fun!

“We are at the heart of the St Helens community and we feel it’s important to put on free events like this during school holidays. As a dad myself, I know that all parents welcome the chance to get out with their youngsters for the day, without having to spend too much money.”


The Glassical Galleria will open in a spare shop unit in Church square Shopping Centre on Friday May 30 and Saturday May 31, featuring artists dressed as fun characters, including singer  Gloria Glass Half Full and her musical brother Garibaldi  Glass Half Empty.

The musicians will be recruiting St Helens youngsters to be their on-day helpers, and giving them a tour of the exhibits in the Glassical Galleria.

Then the youngsters will be invited to take part in a glassical performance, blowing a tune on Gloria and Garibaldi’s fantastical bottle-based pipe instrument.

Youngsters will also be invited to make their own stained glass piece, which will be attached to the Glassical Galleria’s window, to be enjoyed by everybody passing by in the coming weeks.

Church Square Shopping Centre is home to a range of big name stores –  such as River Island, BHS, Boots and Superdrug –   along with independent retailers plus the busy St Mary’s Market.

For details on what’s happening at the centre and how to take part in the Glassical Galleria Fantastical Experience visit


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