Taking flight in the Pride Hill Centre

Flight-themed workshops at Shrewsbury’s Pride Hill Shopping Centre are sure to see a host of creative dreams take off this half term.

The free arts and crafts sessions will be the perfect launch pad for budding high fliers as participants get a chance to join in kite-making sessions, paper aeroplane design and even build their own windmill.

People of all ages are encouraged to wing their way over to the lower level of the Pride Hill Centre for the workshops, held over two days during school half term week – on Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 and 29, from 11am-4pm. The fun sessions are aimed at all skill levels and will be led by professional artist Chris Wright.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are at primary school, a full time artist, a student or just like to play around with paper and paint, everyone will have a chance to produce something on the theme of flight,” said dad of two Chris.

Paints, brushes and all equipment needed to decorate a kite in a rainbow of colours will be provided, in readiness to send the finished flying machine skywards into the spring sunshine.

Those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground can simply give their imaginations free rein by drawing a flight-related picture, such as a dragonfly or a damsel fly.

Chris, who lives with wife, Sarah, and their young family in Shrewsbury town centre, has held previous crafts workshops at the Pride Hill Centre and all received positive feedback.

“I try to make them fun as well as inspirational. Art is something everyone can join in, no matter what age they are or how much experience they have.

“I studied art at Telford College, then gained a BA in sculpture at Newcastle university, but to be honest, I learn as much from these workshops as the participants do, particularly the children,” said Chris, 37.

“I love working with kids, they are such an inspiration, always coming up with fresh, original ideas on how to paint or make things. Children see everything with such open minds. Sometimes they come up with completely genius ideas out of the blue, usually when I’ve been struggling for ages trying to visualise a certain project!”

Kevin Lockwood, Manager of the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, said: “We do like to get everyone involved during half-term and provide something for families.

“Chris did a great job with his free workshops here in February and we want to make a trip to the shopping centres a fun experience for everyone.”


After several years at the helm of Shomi Gallery, where he also ran workshops, Chris took the decision to close it so he could spend more time at home with his daughters, Ember, four, and Tattum, seven.

“I now work from home, people can book me to run workshops or for art commissions, but at the same time I have the pleasure of spending precious time with Ember and Tattum, as they are growing up. They even help me with ideas for my workshop activities,” added Chris whose nephew, James Stevens, 19, also helps out.

In addition Chris promotes work by other local artists through shows and exhibitions in and around Shrewsbury.

He said: “Being able to run a workshop at a place like the Pride Hill Shopping Centre is great for me, because it opens up the art and crafts world to so many different kinds of people.

“Families can pop in while they are on a shopping trip and end up spending an hour or more with us, often using skills they never previously knew they had. Then they go home with an extra surprise in their shopping bags – in the shape of a completely original artwork they have created themselves!”

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