Holyhead urged to have say on future

The people of Holyhead are being urged to play their part in the town centre’s future when a major consultation resumes later this month (May).

A project to create a long term Vision and Masterplan for the future of the town centre has been backed by a number of prominent figures, including businesspeople and local representatives.

Former County Councillor and local businessman J V Owen is a keen advocate of the town centre getting involved in planning its future and he said: “The idea of a long term Vision and Masterplan is great. We have a lot going for us but we need to promote ourselves more.

“Work has now started to bring some of the fine old buildings in the town centre up to scratch and that’s a good idea and it’s the right way forward for the town – a lot of money has been spent but we need to get something back to make a future for Holyhead.

“I am involved with the Townscape Heritage Initiative but even if I wasn’t it’s the right way forward for the town centre – a lot of money has been spent but we need to get something back to make a future for Holyhead.

“We need people to get involved in also thinking about the future direction for the town centre in setting a longer term vision and also considering projects that will assist in delivering the vision.”

“We have cruise liners coming and the railway and ferries but people in the town centre need to rise to the challenge and come forward.”

Local regeneration organisation Mon Communities First has been active in Holyhead, particularly in helping fill empty shops where it’s award-winning scheme is now being used as a blueprint in other areas.

It’s Prosperous Communities Co-ordinator, Alun Roberts, said: “In terms of the Masterplan it’s vital that people have their say.

“This is a pivotal time for the future of all town centres and it’s important that we don’t sit back and do nothing.

“We’re very supportive of the continued efforts to look to future projects because they’re playing a part in the regeneration of the town centre but this is about more than just that – it’s about helping people move onto the ladder.

“Holyhead has problems such as high unemployment and we need to address these and increasing community involvement is integral to coming up with new innovative ideas.

“I would like to have a regular forum where local people can get more involved in future in helping to steer regeneration proposals and seeing the outcomes from their involvement.

“People like to see things happening. It gives them hope for the future and things are happening in Holyhead so it’s about keeping the momentum going.”

Local Chartered Building Surveyor Dewi Williams, of DEWIS, is involved in a number of existing projects in the town centre but he is keen to see Holyhead bounce back into the future as well: “There is now a real opportunity to influence the future regeneration projects”

“But the research needs to come into its own and that includes the consultations with the community and businesses.

“If people take the opportunity to get involved there’s a better chance of a good outcome.”

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