Jackie is a Mum in a Million

A mother’s devotion and love for her family has earned her the top prize in a competition to find a Mum in a Million.

The Leader newspaper teamed up with the Eagles Meadow shopping centre, in Wrexham, to give people the chance to say a big thank you and show how much they cared for their mums in the run up to Mothering Sunday on March 18.

Twelve-year-old Kiera Leanne Jenkins,  of Rhosddu, was quick to grab the chance and pen 100 words on why her mum, Jackie, deserves  a special pamper session as our Mum in a Million.

Then, after a panel of judges sifted through a sack full of entries, Jackie’s hard work and dedication to her family wowed the judges who came to the conclusion she really was a worthy winner.

Jackie will now be treated to a Time for You pamper session at Gozo in Eagles Meadow. It  includes an Indian head massage, a mini facial, a hand and arm massage with a file and polish coupled with a glass of wine. In addition, she has won a meal for four at Nando’s, one of the shopping centre’s top eateries.

Kiera says she wanted her mum to know that she really was appreciated and that she, and her two brothers, Jordan, 17, and Kyle, 14, really do have the best mum in the world.

She said: “Mum works so hard and at one point had two jobs. She got up before 5am and drove to Prenton where she worked in a call centre. She would then get home just before 3pm and start her housework.

“She always made sure there was something nice for tea for the whole family and she’d do her washing, ironing and housework and then she’d be there to collect me from school.

“After tea she’d go to her second job at Wrexham Tax Office and work from 5pm until 10pm. She’d get home late and get to bed ready to start again the next day.”

“But she always has a smile on her face and is always there to help me when I, my brothers, or my dad need her. She will do anything for any of us and I just wanted her to know how much we love her.”

After Kiera spotted the Eagles Meadow Mum in a Million competition in the Leader she quickly set about writing her letter.

She said: “I checked with dad first and he helped me put my entry into just the right words. Then when I saw it printed in the Leader I asked mum if she’d read the paper yet. When she said she hadn’t I left it open on the right page so she couldn’t miss it.

“I’m so pleased my mum has won as she is the best mum in the world, no doubt about it. She never moans, is always smiling and is always there when I need her. Thanks mum, we love you so much!”

Kiera’s dad, Karl Jenkins, says Jackie is not only a mum in a million but a wife in a million too.

Karl, who works as an aircraft fitter at Magellan Aerospace, in Llay, said: “Like a lot of families we have gone through some tough times financially yet Jackie never once moaned.

“She has just got on with it making sure she gives everything to our children to make sure they have what they need whether it’s a new pair of football boots or a new outfit for Kiera.

“At one stage she was getting so tired and we were all getting worried about her. It seemed as if we were like ships passing in the night. I’d come home off nights as she left for work and so it went on.”

“To be honest I don’t know how she did it. Of course we all helped in the house but she still did more than her fair share while somehow, for more than a year, keeping up two jobs.

“I’m so proud of her. Jackie doesn’t think about herself she thinks of her family. What she should realise is that she is the family, it’s because of her that we are the close family unit we are.

“I know it was Kiera’s idea to write in and enter the competition after she saw it in the Leader but I’m proud of all three of our children. They all think the same of their mum. She really is our Mum in a Million.”

And Jackie, 37, admits she was left gob-smacked after reading what her daughter had written in the Leader.

She said: “I was amazed that Kiera, her dad and brothers had managed to get one  over on me to be honest. I don’t usually get caught out and generally know what is going on.

“It means a massive amount to me to be honest and shows that my wonderful daughter is growing up. I never knew she realised how hard it was having two jobs to bring in that bit of extra cash.

“To be honest I never thought anything about it myself. It was a case of needs are, needs must really. Although I do think it’s so nice she appreciated what we do as a family.

“My family really is everything to me as it is to Karl. We would do anything for our children no doubt about it. I wondered why Kiera asked me if I’d read the paper and when I said I hadn’t she left it open on the page. I was just gob-smacked and happy.

“I’ve never won anything in my life before, not even a raffle. But believe me I only have to look at my happy family and it’s like winning a thousand lottery jackpots all in one go.”

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