Texan just loves Harlech!

An American has swapped the Lone Star State for Gwynedd and is immersing himself in Welsh culture.

Texan, Gibb Walker, 41, is the new Estates Manager at the second chance college, Coleg Harlech WEA.

Although it’s very different to life in his home city of Houston, in Texas, he said: “I absolutely love it here in Wales and have strong aspirations of learning the Welsh language

“There are significant differences between life in Texas and here in Harlech and but the weather is perhaps the most notable of all.

“Temperatures in Houston, especially in the summer months, are so unbearable. Houstonians conduct their lives in an air-conditioned indoor environment. This does not bode well for individuals like me who enjoy outdoor activities.

“Fresh air in Houston is luxury and I appreciate the fresh air in North Wales regardless of the wind, the rain and the cold.

“I enjoy my position as the Coleg Harlech Estates Manager as there are always new challenges,  Each day is unpredictable but it is the satisfaction of meeting these challenges that inspires me.

“I have worked in a number of industries but most recently I managed a department within the health care service in Cumbria.

“Although I am American, I appreciate the cultural differences between the US and the United Kingdom.  My assimilation into the British and Welsh culture was aided by my family who lives in London and I enjoy the time I spend with family and friends when I am away from work.

“I also served in the American Air Force and was stationed at RAF Little Rissington in Gloucestershire, during the Gulf War.  During my tenure at RAF Little Rissington, I was introduced to the British way of life and longed to return the UK after my military career.

“Prior to relocating to North Wales, I knew very little about the area. Indeed, I think one cannot truly appreciate a locale until you live there.  I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and friendliness of the Welsh people and especially those in Harlech.”

Although Gibb says he doesn’t miss Texas he is quick to point out a few differences between the very different US and UK cultures.

He said: “Wales offers safety and security and a relaxed way of life. You can walk down the street and feel safe.”

“I have to say I also love British television. I am not a big sports fan but really enjoy the quality of the historical and natural history documentaries that are so readily available here in the UK. I am also a big fan of British comedy.”

“Americans for some reason just don’t seem to get sarcasm or satire. And as a result most American comedy shows are rather predictable.”

“I am enjoying my time in Wales and have found a unique employment opportunity in one of the most picturesque locations.

“I am adjusting well to my new position and I am looking forward to mastering the Welsh language.”

Coleg Harlech Principal Trefor Fȏn Owen was delighted that they had been able to appoint somebody of Gibb’s calibre to such a pivotal role.

He said: “Gibb is a welcome addition to the management team here and I am sure that his ability and experience will be extremely valuable.”

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