New management team plan store revamp at Wrexham shopping centre

A new management team has taken over the reins of a top department store in North Wales.

Deborah Hitchen is the new store Manager of the M&S store at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham, while Angharad Longley has been appointed as the Commercial Manager.

According to the management duo, they couldn’t have taken over at a better time with the store set to undergo a “fantastic” face-lift.

Deborah, who has forged a career in retail since starting out as a Saturday girl at a Nantwich shop when she was still in school, says moving to the Eagles Meadow M&S store is a dream move.

She said: “I still live just outside Nantwich and spent the past two-and-a-half years at various Marks and Spencer Stores managing the food side of the business. So, taking over as manager here at Wrexham is exciting and diverse for me.

“I’m delighted to have made the move, it’s such a warm and friendly store and there are such exciting times ahead for M&S as a company.

“Our Eagles Meadow store might well have only been open for four years but we want to give our customer the full Marks and Spencer range, make the store a showroom providing even more options for our shoppers.

“Customers can expect to see more exciting merchandising and a visually more appealing shopping experience than they may be used to.

Angharad Longley, who has been with M&S for more than eight years and has worked at a number of different M&S stores, is thrilled to be the new Commercial Manager at the Eagles Meadow department store.

She said: “Deborah and I have had a really good look at the shopping centre and agree M&S really complements the mix of stores here at Eagles Meadow. There is something here to please everyone.

“I firmly believe the shopping experience here is just like visiting any city centre. The advantage here is that everything is compact. I’m amazed how welcoming and friendly the store is and the customers are really lovely too.

“You definitely get a different feel depending on which area stores are based within and Wrexham appears to be an exceptionally friendly place.”

Deborah added: “Our planned face lift will see work completed throughout the night so customers shouldn’t notice any disruption whatsoever.

“M&S is a multi-channel business. We embrace internet shopping but know we need to give our customers the best of both worlds. Shoppers who want a particular item from our flagship Oxford Street store can get it here, in Wrexham, too.

“It may not be available the same day but we will certainly have any required item here within a couple of days. That is something we need to offer and, in truth, it’s the least our discerning customers expect.”

Angharad, who moved to the Wrexham Eagles Meadow store from the Chester M&S store, says the task facing the new management team is to grow the Eagles Meadow business.

She said: “As a company M&S is investing in the Eagles Meadow store and we need to ensure we offer our customers the best shopping experience we possibly can.

“We are blessed with a great team of staff, the store is superb and, following the march re-fit will offer an even better shopping experience too.

“And, of course, the M&S brand is a trusted brand selling high quality products. It’s now our task to ensure we give our customers the best shopping experience we can.”

Deborah added: “I’m certainly excited about the challenges ahead and firmly believe our M&S store here at Eagles Meadow will be the jewel in Wrexham’s retail crown. Angharad and I are delighted and thrilled to be here at Eagles Meadow as there are such exciting times ahead.”

Eagles Meadow Manager Kevin Critchley was delighted to welcome Deborah and Angharad to the shopping centre.

He said: “I have been impressed with their energy and ideas aligned to their determination to create an even better shopping experience.

“The staff at M&S are brilliant so the arrival of Deborah and Angharad heralds a real winning combination that’s going to be good for the store and good for Eagles Meadow as a whole.”

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