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Here come the girls!

A woman who used her life savings to open a men’s barber shop in Wrexham is reaping the benefits – thanks to girl power.

Thrilling stunts amaze shoppers

Two of the world’s top stunt bike riders thrilled shoppers in Wrexham. They put on a spectacular show at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre where, for once, riding in a pedestrian area was greeted with cheers of delight and applause.

TV stars shine at gem of a store

A clutch of glamorous TV stars and a former international footballer sparkled at a champagne event to launch a new jewellery store in Wrexham.

Hat-trick of stores for shopping centre

When Colin Robinson was called upon to serve as relief manager of a men’s outfitter’s in Wrexham as a teenager he little dreamt that over 30 years later he would be opening his own shop in the town – selling women’s clothes.

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